Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, street artist and illustrator Alex Senna creates vivid expressions of human love, romance and relationships through youthful and nostalgic symbols such as hearts, birds and balloons. By transposing his sketches to city walls around the globe he ignites urban settings with feelings of love and happiness by exposing his viewers to the intimate moments of his characters. His work is composed almost entirely in black and white, making his messages come across simple, clear, and straight from the heart.

來自巴西聖保羅的街頭藝術家兼插畫師Alex Senna,以心型、飛鳥、氣球等年輕化而充滿復古氣息的符號,生動地表達出人與人之間的愛情、浪漫及關係。他把塗鴉作品帶到世界上一個又一個城市的牆身之上,觀眾可目睹他筆下角色之間的親密時刻,為都市氛圍送上一份愛意及幸福感。他的畫作幾乎完全為黑白素色,讓信息的傳達更簡單、透徹、直擊心靈。

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