45RPM is a multi-disciplinary artist with his fingers in lots of creative pies. He specialises in graphic design and illustration, but dabbles in anything creative that is thrown his way. Most of his days are spent in his studio in the heart of Bristol or working in a million different towns, especially If travelling is involved. He has worked around the globe, and been published in numerous books including Thames & Hudson’s best selling Street Sketchbooks. From Billboards to planes, there’s not much he hasn’t painted.

45rpm是位多元藝術家,涉獵廣泛藝術領域。專於平面設計及插畫的他,一旦有機會便積極嘗試任何類型的創作。他的大部分時間,或是在布里斯托中心的工作室內度過,又或是前往許多不同城鎮工作。他的作品在世界各地都留下了印記,亦出現在眾多書籍之內,當中更包括Thames & Hudson出版的暢銷刊物Street Sketchbooks。從廣告牌至飛機上,他可說是「畫無遺物」。

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