H.A.N.D.S Basketball Court

Project Movement


基滙資本民坊、Red Bull 及藝術企業 SWL 首度合作,為民坊旗下位
於屯門友愛和安定邨的愛定商場(H.A.N.D.S)上蓋籃球場進行活化工程,已於 2019 年 11 月完
活化運動設施 營造社區聚腳點
基滙資本民坊自 2018 年 3 月開始營運香港社區商場後,一直致力改善商場及運動設施,希望善
施。繼活化啟業運動場後,基滙資本民坊再次投放資源,透過與 Red Bull 及 SWL 合作,讓藝術

People’s Place under Gaw Capital Partners, Red Bull and art firm SWL
joined hands to collaborate for the first time on the revitalization of H.A.N.D.S basketball court managed
by People’s Place in Tuen Mun. With an aim to inject positive energy into the community and advocate
a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise through incorporation of vibrant public art into public estate
community, the project was completed and reopened to the public in November 2019.
Revitalizing Sport Facilities and Create a Community Hub
People’s Place has always been dedicated to improving its portfolio of shopping centres and sports
facilities by creatively utilising its space, in the hope of building community hubs and fostering
community bonding. Earlier this year, the firm has carried out a creative makeover project in Kai Yip
Recreation Centre (Kai Yip) – not only was the project internationally recognized, but it has also inspired
the firm to invest more resources and inject extra creativity into upgrading other local sports facilities.
Following the success of Kai Yip, People’s Place collaborated with Red Bull and SWL this time to bring
synergy into redesigning a new community spot at H.A.N.D.S basketball court in Tuen Mun, offering a
novel experience for residents, tenants and other stakeholders in the community and setting an
example for more crossover projects with different collaborators in the future.

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