Double Oval

Henry Moore, OM, CH, FBA 1898-1986

“Double Oval” expresses a seemingly impossible balance between bulk and grace. The surface, smooth in some places and rough in others, gives the sculpture a tactile quality and creates a sensation of depth and shade. Like many of Moore’s works, “Double Oval” contains hollow spaces, which not only offer the viewer a glimpse of the landscape beyond and portion of the other form, but also heightens the sense of balance and harmony. The emotional power of the sculpture is enhanced by its monumental size. Hongkong Land acquired by its monumental size. Hongkong Land acquired “Double Oval” in 1975. It was originally placed in Connaught Gardens, adjacent to Jardine House in 1977, in memory of Mr Vernon Roberts, J.P., the Director and General Manager of Hongkong Land from January 1964 to October 1977. The sculpture was moved to its current position on 18th August 2008.

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