Horse at Water

by Nic Fiddian-Green

英國雕塑家Nic Fiddian-Green痴迷了近30年的“馬藝術”,以大型馬頭雕塑而聞名,名作包括位於倫敦大理石拱門前的雕塑以及在上海和香港展出的,Nic是當代為數不多的傑出藝術家之一,其作品被多位名家收藏。


Nic’s 16 ft high ‘Horse at Water’ was commissioned in 2015 by The Swire Group; it stands proudly in the landscaped gardens of Via Fiori at Taikoo Place in central Hong Kong.

Inspired by the horses of the Han Dynasty, the 16-foot-tall sculpture rests on the surface of a water pool, giving the illusion of the horse serenely drinking. The distinct cracks on the bronze surface portray a fractured form, emphasizing elements of time and history. The sculpture also symbolises good and long-lasting fortune to residents and office workers in the neighbourhood.

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Taikoo Park,
One Island East
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