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Taking the concept of GIF-ITI full circle you can experience the animated artworks in their full glory out on the streets with the augmented reality app, ‘INSA’s GIF-ITI Viewer’.

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In 2004 INSA rejected the traditional graffiti letters and style that had raised him and began painting and posting the now instantly recognisable bright pink High Heel shoe everywhere he travelled. The gender ambiguity of the design was a deliberate contrast to the macho world of graffiti, and precipitated INSA’s work into a more interesting and inclusive place.

The heels soon grew and morphed into a free flowing pattern of legs and feminine line able to wrap whole buildings, playing eith the idea of ownership and fetishism for the surface or object that was engulfed in the soon-to-be ubiquitous design. Appearing on buildings around the world from whole city blocks in LA to shacks in Africa, it was painted everywhere: on the beaches in Rio to the interiors of elite restaurants in Shanghai.

‘Graffiti Fetish’ went on to cover such coveted items as luxury cars, designer shoes. It became collected as prints and clothing and appeared in museum collections and galleries across the globe.

INSA’s visual motifs confronted the fetishisation  of products in modern society and the paradoxical nature of his work questioned both his own position as an artist in a consumerist world, and collective ideals in our society.

INSA’s new genre of art, ‘GIF-ITI’, to beak world records, to create work visible from space, to explore new avenues of AR and VR, and to constantly push the boundaries of how his artwork comes into being…

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