Our Past That Guides Us

by John LOC

This mural in its broadest sense, is about History. It speaks of History that can inform the present and future, or can just as easily be forgotten and diminished to a distant memory. The main subject of the painting is a woman in two separate stages of her life. In her youth, unsure and hesitant and as an older woman, confidant and with clarity of vision. Symbolic elements inspired by the history of Tit Hong Lane, past and present have been added. Tit Hong Lane was where the office of The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (Later to be known as P&O) was located. The sextant (which is the mechanical instrument in my artwork) was used to navigate the seas. I wanted to comment that we should use our past to navigate our lives, to a better future.

The vivid and often jarring colors are used to stir up the emotions and try to reflect the sentiment of the residents of Tit Hong Lane AND Hong Kong in general.

About Artist:

John is an ex-interior designer who decided to leave his busy career after the birth of his son. He is now a full time dad and paints and teaches art in his spare time. He founded Left of Centre HK, an online art community/market aimed at selling and promoting exclusively HK based art and photography.

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