People & Meow

by Kristopherh
根據非正式統計,深水埗約有500位貓店長,本土藝術家兼插畫設計師Kristopher Ho喺大南街垃圾收集站嘅牆身,就畫上佢對貓店長嘅印象。聯同區內以幫助弱勢社群為目標嘅非牟利組織—城市的盼望 (Hope of the City) 合作,找來一班青年義工與Kris共同創作出牆畫《人人和喵dd》。八隻貓貓融入漫天棉絮之中,呼應住貓店長亦喺深水埗布料行業嘅重要一員。


Cat managers show time!

According to informal statistics, it is estimated over 500 shop cats in Sham Shui Po. They inspired Kristopher Ho, a local artist and illustrator, to team up with the young volunteers from community organisation Hope of the City to create “#ppl_&meow_dd” at Tai Nam Street Refuse Collection Point. It conveys his impression of shop cats, and the cotton flowers in the background symbolise SSP’s robust textile trade. Do you think the eight cats on the mural awesome?

Credit by DDHK

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