Rouge Ephemere

Rouge Ephemere

Under a sky lit by a full moon, in a tumultuous Hong Kong, we were struck by a moon beam, or perhaps it was by a breath of the Tin Hau Fire Dragon which insufflate us the great idea to open a small art gallery.

Few months later Rouge Ephémère Art gallery opened its doors on 25th Of January 2013 on the famous Hollywood road of Hong Kong.

Our tiny space, nestled on the first floor of an old Chinese building will resemble the inside of a protective cocoon.

We are delighted and proud to therein exhibit works of art, not commonly found in the market in Hong Kong: living objects with a history, unique and handmade objects,

engravings, paintings, collages, sculptures, ceramics… from either local or overseas creative artists.

The life of this space will come about from exchanges, encounters, connections with artists who cross our path, we love, we believe in and with objects we have a passion for.

Here we are, therefore, embarking into a sensitive universe, venturing, without ulterior motives, into another world, just for our pleasure and for your pleasure too. A very real voyage into the world of art and artists whom we propose to share with you all.

“ROUGE EPHEMERE” is the name we have chosen for our art gallery.

“Only the ephemeral lasts!” Eugene Ionesco.

An artist’s creative energy is ephemeral as a flower. It blooms and soon dies. This word is magic if you close your eyes it suggests music, colors and beauty
So, we invite you into this small square of red or yellow sky in Hong Kong.

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Hollywood Road 89
Hong Kong Island HK
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Tue-Sat 13:00-19:00; By Appointment 星期二至星期六: 1:00pm–7pm; 據需預約