Embracing Tuen Mun

by Ken Lo
Ken Lo chose “Embracing Tuen Mun” as the theme and designed a set of two outdoor public art installations. Named Welcome Home, the heart-shaped sculpture and art bench serve as a “welcome home” symbol to the residents of Tuen Mun, closing the distance between people. Imbued with the hopes of living in harmony and building a beautiful community together, the heart-shaped sculpture not only symbolises mutual assistance and care among the residents, but also represents the act of embracing people from different lifestyles from within the district. It allows the public to understand Tuen Mun’s culture through art appreciation and promote social cohesion.
Also, Ken visited the Castle Peak Hospital and primary and secondary schools in the district, and guided local and multi-ethnic students as well as hospital residents to create paintings in an exploration of their feelings on topics such as “reunion”, “Tuen Mun”, and “embrace”. Through the integration of art into the community, he uncovered more stories of life in Tuen Mun, and showcased the community spirit of Welcome Home.


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