Florence Traissac

@HK Walls 2019

Florence 移居香港超過六年,出生於法國家庭先後居住在法國、澳洲最後現在的香港。她的畫作色彩繽紛,線條構做簡單清新。每幅作品也是生活的抽寫,有我們孰釋的街道,人物再透過她的仔細觀察創作出來。

“I have always believed that art is the true and only expression of ourselves, the world and the life we live. It is an experience away from the codified and the limits of our standard communication. Art and specifically painting (in my case) is my way of sending a message to the people around me, trying always to transmit feelings and emotions without barriers, presenting to my audience the freedom of infinite interpretations.

I have always been inspired by art. Having lived in Italy, France and Australia – people, faces, streets, life, markets, shapes and moments in time, every place has a different story to tell. Since moving to Hong Kong from Australia, it was clear to me that it was time to get the paint brushes out and let my mind draw my story of Hong Kong. This city inspires me every day: the sounds, colours, smells, words and images. There is always something happening.

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