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LOTUS ARTS GROUP (Hang Hoi International Limited), a member of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Group (since 1987), is a Hong Kong based Art Management Company, mission to promote Chinese contemporary art and literati art in Hong Kong and Southeast China.

Lotus Arts Group run arts museums in Hong Kong and southern China and our business covers Greater China, Hong Kong and overseas. We provides arts management services and held exhibitions for high-end arts.

With our wealth of experience in connoisseurship, collectibles and exhibitions. We holds exchange meetings and exhibitions of high-end arts collectibles regularly in different countries, with a focus on Chinese Traditional Calligraphy and Paintings from masters of the past centuries to present, antique furniture and decorative items. Our aim is to promote and perpetuate Chinese traditional arts cultures through providing different exchange opportunities to Chinese arts admirers.

恒凱藝術是恒生集團(1987年)旗下的藝術推廣公司,擁有多年收藏、鑒賞及展覽經驗, 於香港及中國華南地區均設有藝術館,致力推廣中國傳統文化和藝術。

恒凱藝術定期於不同地區舉辦高端主題展覽及鑑賞收藏研究會,當中包括中國古代及當代書畫、古董家具及擺設等藝術品, 努力為各地藝術愛好者及收藏家提供文化交流平台,共同研究藝術、宣揚中國傳統文化。

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Shop 1&16, M/F Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 香港灣仔港灣道1號會展廣場閣樓1&16號
香港島 HK
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Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00, Closed on Sun & Public Holidays (Appointment may required for visit) 星期一至星期六: 10am–6pm; 星期日及公眾假日休息 (參觀據需預約)